Artist Reimagines Majestic Mountainscapes as Jewel-Toned Polygon Paintings

By Sara Barnes on April 16, 2021 

Polygon Art Within Painted Landscape

Artist Elyse Dodge translates the world’s natural beauty into colorful geometric forms. Through her hand-crafted acrylic paintings, mountains are reimagined as multifaceted towers where jagged planes are replaced with smooth, jewel-toned triangles. Coupled with equally bright—and more realistic—depictions of trees and water, the mountains take on a personality and quickly become the main character of each piece. Their fractured state gives them a feeling of movement; it’s as if they’re vibrating.

We’ve marveled over Dodge’s work before, and a lot has changed in the years between revisiting her polygon art. She and her family moved from their home in Vancouver, Canada, and are now settled in Los Angeles. The change of scenery—and the pandemic—has breathed new life into her paintings.

“Since moving to LA, there have been a lot of new influences on my artwork including commissions of landscapes in Palm Springs, Colorado, Yosemite, and Utah,” Dodge tells My Modern Met. “During the pandemic, my family and I have been quite isolated here in America, as my family is primarily in Canada and my husband’s family is in Australia. So it has pushed me to look to local inspiration for my work. Tropical plants, Mid-century architecture, and conservatories have started to make more of an appearance in my experimental work; so stay tuned to see that appear more!”

Scroll down for some of Dodge’s latest and greatest paintings. To see what she’s up to next, be sure to follow her on Instagram.

Artist Elyse Dodge sees mountains differently. To her, the peaks and cliffs are triangles that form dazzling geometric landscape art.

Polygon Art Within Painted Landscape

Polygon Art Within Painted LandscapeGeometric Landscape PaintingGeometric Landscape Art

Geometric Landscape PaintingGeometric Landscape PaintingGeometric Landscape PaintingGeometric Landscape ArtGeometric Landscape PaintingGeometric Landscape ArtPolygon Art Within Painted LandscapeGeometric Landscape PaintingGeometric Landscape Painting

Elyse Dodge: Website | Facebook | Instagram 

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Elyse Dodge.

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