Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon Bonaparte And Other Historically Famous Politicians Get A Contemporary Photo Treatment (9 Pics)

You’ve probably seen or heard of many different ways people use AI. You’re probably also aware of AI image and art generators, which recreate images with an impressive amount of detail or create new material altogether. Today’s post is an amalgam of these two different aspects of AI generators. The theme itself is very fascinating and might pique your interest.

So without further ado, let us introduce you to the work of eoford, which recently went viral on Reddit, racking up over 150k points and was featured on their homepage. What he did was simple (in some sense) but brilliant: he used AI to recreate various famous historical personalities and how’d they look today. Sounds like something you’ve already seen before? The brilliant part is that they were all made to look like today’s politicians, which completely transforms the way we perceive these well-known figures.

Characters like Lincoln, Churchill, Napoleon, and others were “resurrected,” as it were, for another life of being a politician, but this time, a modern one. The artist took time to recreate this in detail, and not only changed their haircuts and put them in suits but also put them against a background with a flag from the country they represent. It reminds us of the current portraits of politicians all too well.

More info: reddit.com#1 

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States from 1861 until his assassination in 1865. He led the nation through the American Civil War, which is considered to be the greatest crisis in U.S. history. He saved the Union, abolished slavery, enforced federal government, and modernized the U.S. economy.

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Michael Pasko1 day ago

So cool.4ReplyView more comments#2 

Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte became famous during the French Revolution, as he led several successful campaigns during the Revolutionary Wars. He became the de facto leader of the French Republic as First Consul from 1799 to 1804. He became the Emperor of the French from 1804 to 1814, and in 1815. He was one of the most important politicians and military leaders of the 18th and 19th centuries.

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Shelby P1 day ago

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Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass was an American social reformer, abolitionist, orator, writer, and statesman. After escaping slavery, he became the leader of the abolitionist movement in Massachusetts and New York. His antislavery speeches and writings made him famous, and he was described in his time as a living counterexample to slaveholders’ arguments that slaves lacked the intellectual capacity to function as American citizens.

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E E1 day ago

I honestly doubt he’d wear his hair like that.10ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#4 

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. He was a writer, printer, political philosopher, politician, postmaster, scientist, inventor, humorist, civic activist, statesman, entrepreneur, and a diplomat. He was an ideal renaissance man leading the American Enlightenment.

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Guada Narbaitz1 day ago

He looks like a fun guy, don´t know why. Like he is just waiting for the photo shoot to be over to start laughing about something…22ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#5 

Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar

Gaius Julius Caesar is probably the most famous and influential general and statesman in Roman history, who was a key catalyst in the demise of the Roman Republic and the rise of the Roman Empire. He was assassinated during the session in the Senate by a conspiracy led by Brutus and few other senators.

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E E1 day ago

He looks familiar.7ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#6 

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was an American statesman, diplomat, lawyer, architect, philosopher, Founding Father, and served as the third president of the United States from 1801 to 1809 for two full terms. He was also the principal author of the Declaration of Independence, an advocate of democracy, republicanism, and individual rights.

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Annabeth Chase1 day ago

Thomas Jefferson’s coming ho-o-ome11ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#7 

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1940 to 1945, during the Second World War, and again from 1951 to 1955. Apart from being known for being a wartime leader, Churchill was also a Sandhurst-educated soldier, a Nobel Prize-winning writer and historian, a prolific painter, and one of the longest-serving politicians in British history.

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Ragnhild Nilsen1 day ago

I’m sure he would have a wider tie knot. Or stay with his bowtie9ReplyView more comments#8 

Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of the United States, serving from 1829 to 1837 for two consecutive terms. Jackson rose to prominence as a general in the U.S. Army. He also served in both houses of the U.S. Congress. He sought to advance the rights of the “common man” against a “corrupt aristocracy” and to preserve the Union.

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Theo C1 day ago

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Mao Zedong

Mao Zedong

Mao Zedong, also known as Chairman Mao, was a Chinese communist revolutionary and the founder of the People’s Republic of China, who ruled as the chairman of the Chinese Communist Party from its establishment in 1949 until his death in 1976.

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Lotus Flower1 day ago

No change tbh6ReplyView more comments

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