I Paint And I Had A First Personal Exhibition

My name is Evgeny Ches, I’m a graffiti and contemporary artist from Moscow, Russia. A few months ago, was my first personal show and I want to share it with you.

3D tour – goo.gl/maps/MNyYnCZbBf6qahNp8

More info: Instagram

My show was at contemporary art center “Winzavod”, Vladey space in Moscow

Name of the show “Unity of Dissimilar”

Me and my artworks

Canvas 100x120cm / “Take off the masks”

Sculpture “Take off the masks”

A character from a Russian cartoon in a mickey mouse costume

A character from a Russian cartoon in a Homer Simpson costume. Canvas 120×100см

Canvas 150x150cm “Batman VS Superman”

Canvas 100x100cm “Batman VS Superman” p.2 i painted after exhibition

Canvas 150x 150cm

Canvas 150x 150cm

Canvas 100x100cm, Here i pained 3 things that i have at home

Canvas 100x100cm “Ducks”

Canvas 100x100cm “Crocodiles”

Canvas 100x100cm “Cocks”

Artwork on paper 100x70cm “Mario and logos that start with the letter M “

Canvas d100cm, “Urban still life”

And few my artworks not from the show, this one in collaboration with Sergey Ovseykin

Canvas 150x150cm “Coffee Break”

Canvas 150x150cm “Open your mind”

In progress

Mickey Mouse 90

Artwork in progress

Canvas 170x150cm “Pink Flamingo”

Canvas 100x80cm x 2 “Nu Pogodi”

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