Artist Illustrates His Kitten Adoption Story In A Wholesome “Silent” Comic

Ademar Vieira is a Brazilian journalist, screenwriter, and illustrator who creates beautiful “silent” watercolor comics about various relevant social issues. We’ve featured some of his comics before here and here, and now he’s back with a new one, titled The cat.

In his latest comic, Ademar tells the story of how he adopted a kitten that one day appeared outside his door. “Sometimes, we adopt them to do good for them, but they are the ones who do good for us,” wrote the artist, and added that he dedicates the comic to all cat lovers.

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Image credits: ademar__vieira

In a recent interview with Bored Panda, the artist explained that a kitted one day appeared outside his door, and even though he started to feed her, he did not want to adopt her. “I was waiting for one of the neighbors to adopt her, but that didn’t happen. Every time I got home, she was in the front, waiting for a little milk and a cuddle,” said Ademar. “Until one day, I arrived and she was not in her usual place. Several days went by without seeing her. I was afraid that something terrible had happened to her, so when she reappeared, I adopted her. It was a relief and a joy.”

Image credits: ademar__vieira

The artist said he never imagined himself having a cat as a pet. “I was living alone and thought that my lifestyle would not allow me to have a cat. Turns out that she chose me anyway,” said Ademar. He added that over time, he realized how much he cared about the cat, as if it were a member of his family.

Image credits: ademar__vieira

Image credits: ademar__vieira

Ademar says that his newly adopted cat has a very strong personality, and only receives affection when she wants to. “She spends most of her time looking for unusual places to sleep and she loves to hunt and chase the dogs in the house,” explained the artist. “On the other hand, she can also be very sweet when she wants to.”

Image credits: ademar__vieira

Image credits: ademar__vieira

Image credits: ademar__vieira

Ademar believes that people who live with animals understand that humans are not the owners of the planet, but are just another tenant like other animals. “We are responsible for this planet and for the impact we caused, and we must take better care of this world so that all living beings can have a chance at a good life,” says the artist. “To avoid the extinction of other species is to avoid our own extinction.”

See the rest of the comic below!

Image credits: ademar__vieira

Image credits: ademar__vieira

Image credits: ademar__vieira0 shares

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