20 Of The Craziest Real Estate Listings Spotted On Zillow (New Pics)

If you’re not familiar with Zillow, it’s an online real estate marketplace that lists various homes currently for sale all across the US. You can find numerous impressive homes for sale on the platform – but you can also find a fair share of ones that will have you scratching your head and thinking “Why would someone do this?”. And lucky for us, the Zillow Gone WildInstagram account is all about these types of homes.

The Instagram account in question regularly shares pictures of the weirdest and craziest homes spotted on Zillow, and it looks like some of the owners clearly had more money than taste. Check out some of the most bizarre million dollar homes collected by Zillow Gone Wild in the gallery below! And if you want more, make sure to read our previous post here!

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#1 $3,777,000

Image source:  zillowgonewild

#2 To Continue Today’s Interesting Theme Here’s The “Pie House”. Was Listed At $269,900. 2 Bd, 2.5 Bath. 1,122 Sf

Image source:  zillowgonewild

#3 Welcome Home. $8,500,000. 6 Bd, 11 Ba. 10,500 Sf. 5.11 Acres

Image source: zillowgonewild

#4 You’ll Never Leave Home Now. $1,150,000. 2 Bd, 1 Ba. 1,209 Sf

Image source: zillowgonewild

#5 $11,500,000. 10 Bd, 19 Ba. 30,843 Sf

Image source: zillowgonewild

#6 What Are We Even Doing Anymore. $1,995,995. 5 Bd, 4 Ba. 3,294 Sf

Image source:  zillowgonewild

#7 Love The Outside Vibe Tbh. #zgwmansionmondays. $2,395,000. 5 Bd, 6 Ba. 6,404 Sf

Image source:  zillowgonewild

#8 Welcome To Your New Maximum Chill Oasis. $2,500,000. 5 Bd, 5 Ba. 8,078 Sf

Image source: zillowgonewild

#9 Today’s #zgwmansionmondays Starts In Chicago With This. $17,000,000. 6 Bd, 7 Ba. 8,000 Sf

Image source: zillowgonewild

#10 Welcome Gnome. $809,000

Image source:  zillowgonewild

#11 Not A Normal #zgwmansionmondays Home By Price But Def By Size. $1,599,000. 6 Bd, 5 Ba. 5,900 Sf

Image source: zillowgonewild

#12 Ummmmm. $225,000

Image source:  zillowgonewild

#13 This Looks A Lot Different Than They Do On TV. $130,000. 1 Bd, 1 Ba. 576 Sf

Image source: zillowgonewild

#14 Another One? $758,000

Image source:  zillowgonewild

#15 This Listing Wins The Internet Lol. $144,900

Image source:  zillowgonewild

#16 This Feels Like A Dream. $1,895,000

Image source:  zillowgonewild

#17 The Outlet In The Bedroom Is #zgwmansionmondays. $5,950,000. 6 Bd, 5 Ba. 8,462 Sf. 85 Acres

Image source: zillowgonewild

#18 You Can Also Be The President. $2,475,000

Image source:  zillowgonewild

#19 Let’s Kick Off #zgwmansionmondays With This. 8 Bd, 8 Ba. 19,222 Sf. 13,74 Acres. Listed For $12.8 Million In 2014.

Image source: zillowgonewild

#20 It’s A Lifestyle. $535,000. 3 Bd, 2 Ba. 2,172 Sf

Image source: zillowgonewild72 shares

Aušrys Uptas 

One day, this guy just kind of figured – “I spend most of my time on the internet anyway, why not turn it into a profession?” – and he did! Now he not only gets to browse the latest cat videos and fresh memes every day but also shares them with people all over the world, making sure they stay up to date with everything that’s trending on the web. Some things that always pique his interest are old technologies, literature and all sorts of odd vintage goodness. So if you find something that’s too bizarre not to share, make sure to hit him up!

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One response to “20 Of The Craziest Real Estate Listings Spotted On Zillow (New Pics)”

  1. Dear me, there are some horrendous things going on here! My favourites were the pyramid and the last one, the wooden one. So, now I just need some money!

    Good post.


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