I Discovered A Love For Pointillism (12 Pics)

Let’s face it, times have been rough for many of us for the last few years. I seriously needed a new outlet to pry me away from the doom machine that is news and media. So I started with a few colorful dots on paper, and a new love was born. I wanted to work with bright colors and a happy subject, so I quickly settled on dogs.

Dogs have always been a joyful part of my life. Whether they were my own or a random dog spotted on a walk, they always “spark joy”. After I finished a few portraits, I decided to switch from traditional ink and paper to digital. This gave me more flexibility with color, and the ability to quickly fix any mistakes (an exasperating feature I contended with multiple times, resulting in many frustrating fresh starts). Each portrait takes me about one month to complete and there are many more in the works! Thank you and I hope you enjoy these creations!

More info: Instagram#1 

Shih Tzu

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Rosalind2 days ago


Golden Retriever

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Golden Retriever Detail

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Beagle Detail

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Dachshund Detail

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Pug Detail

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Report1pointLynn MacBradaighPOST#11 

Rottweiler Detail

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Shih Tzu Detail

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Emiko Arthur2 days ago

These are all so beautiful, and I think you might’ve just inspired a new hobby in me!! :)) May I ask what you use to make these?2ReplyView more comments

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