We Captured Drone Photos Of Kids Saying Goodbye To The School Year

Kursenai Pavenciai school from Lithuania couldn’t have their school year photos taken in a usual way due to Covid-19 restrictions so they did it their own way! The senior class 8b set an example and then all the other classes and their teachers followed with their unique ideas.

All the photos were taken in a school stadium by the school drone club UpWeGo and later edited by pupils and teachers themselves. This was not only safe but also great fun and the whole school community was united again!

More info: Instagram

Class 8b setting an example to others

Wishing you a safe summer

Around the world in a school year

Counting last hours at school this year

Advancing from year 3 to 4

The sun smiles to us

Flying away like a kite

Love needs no words!

Sailing away

Tree of life

Mary Poppins and her class

Have a nice flight, class!

Take me to the Moon

Fly like a dragonfly

Fed up with Covid-19

Saying goodbye in Lithuanian

Can’t wait to go home

Bye bye, school!

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