20 “Cursed” Real Estate Listings Shared By The “Bizarre Zillow” Instagram Account

If you’re not really familiar with the real estate market in the US, Zillow is one of the biggest online marketplaces out there with hundreds, if not thousands, of homes being listed up for sale every day. Naturally, with some many new listings being created daily, you get a fair share of weird ones thrown in the mix – and lucky for you, there’s a whole Instagram account that’s dedicated entirely to them.

The creators of the BizarreZillow Instagram account scour the platform for the weirdest real estate listings out there so you don’t have to sift through all of them yourself – and the results are both hilarious and mind-boggling. Check out a collection of the most bizarre real estate listings that will make you wonder what on Earth were the architects and interior designers thinking in the gallery below! And if you want more, be sure to read our earlier articles hereand here!

#1 203 E Morrison St., Fayette, Missouri

Image source: bizarrezillow

#2 300 Noble Ave., Fort Worth, Texas

Image source: bizarrezillow

me: mom can we get the palace of versailles
mom: we have the palace of versailles at home
the palace of versailles at home:

#3 When He Said He Lives In The “Penthouse” Then U Come Over And See This….yes, This Is A Stand-Alone House Built On The Roof Of An Apartment Building. 714 S Dearborn St Unit 9-Ph, Chicago, Illinois

Image source: bizarrezillow

#4 Dracula Meets Hgtv… Utah Never Ceases To Amaze Me! 4623 S Jupiter Dr E., Salt Lake City, Utah

Image source: bizarrezillow

#5 The Munster Mansion In Texas! The Munster Mansion Is The Proud Home And Hard Work Of Sandra And Charles Mckee. The Munster Mansion Is A Replica Of The House Used In “The Munsters” 60’s Sitcom Show. It Has Been Painstakingly Recreated Room By Room, Through Watching And Re-Watching Footage From The Show. The Owners Offer Both Private Tours And Murder Mystery Parties In The Home

Image source: bizarrezillow

#6 Pinterest In The Streets, Goth In The Sheets! 228 Townsend Ave, Baltimore, Md

Image source: bizarrezillow

#7 Anyone Have Some Excedrin Because This Gave Me A Migraine 20575 E Via De Areoles, Queen Creek, Arizona

Image source: bizarrezillow

#8 This House Is Described As “A Slice Of Heaven With Endless Possibilities”. Also The Walls Are Filled With Water For God Knows What Reason 350 Van Dalton Rd., Corrigan, Texas

Image source: bizarrezillow

#9 This One’s A Doozy! 32208 County Road, Saint Cloud, Minnesota

Image source: bizarrezillow

#10 This Looks Like A Mental Hospital For Bougie Space Aliens I’m Terrified…the Brits Are A Bunch Of Sickos!!!

Image source: bizarrezillow

#11 Do You Think This Person Likes Cats? I Can’t Tell. 669 County Road 8235, Concho, Arizona

Image source: bizarrezillow

#12 “These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends” This House Has An Entire Wild West Town In The Backyard. I Thought Hbo Showed Us How This Type Of Thing Pans Out….18 El Prado Ct, Santa Rosa, California

Image source: bizarrezillow

#13 Welcome To The Hellscape That Is 432 Park Avenue In New York City

Image source: bizarrezillow

This 1,396 foot nightmare on “Billionaire Row” holds 147 apartments and is currently the 3rd-tallest residential building in the world, with a 15:1 height-to-width ratio that is one of the most slender in the world. Amenities include golf training facilities, a private Michelin-starred restaurant and a 4 story fitness center with an Olympic sized swimming pool, sauna and library curated by Assouline.

It sounds too good to be true because it is. Residents of 432 Park are facing millions of dollars worth of water damage from mechanical and plumbing issues, frequent elevator malfunctions, and walls that “creak like the galley of a ship” because the building sways violently in the wind. 432’s boxy design was inspired by a designer wastepaper basket.

Residents say they were promised move-in ready units and were instead greeted with a half-built, plywood filled mess on closing day. “The icing on the cake? Everybody hates each other here,” said resident Sarina Abramovich.

*cue ‘Succession’ theme song*

Interior images are from unit 80A (3bed/3bath) currently offered for sale at 20 million

#14 280 Chiquita Rd., Healdsburg, California

Image source: bizarrezillow

#15 Did A 9 Year Old Prince Design This House? 67 Byron, Weston, Massachusetts

Image source: bizarrezillow

#16 3680 Wagner Ford Rd., Dayton, Ohio

Image source: bizarrezillow

#17 Absolutely Obsessed With This Time Capsule House, Wouldn’t Change A Thing!

Image source: bizarrezillow

#18 1721 S 86th Cir., Omaha, Nebraska

Image source: bizarrezillow

#19 I Could Feel The Christmas Noose Begin To Tighten… 1 Rivers Edge Dr., Colts Neck, New Jersey

Image source: bizarrezillow

#20 This Home’s Transition From Pink And Dainty To Vampy And Brooding Is *chefs Kiss* 225 S Hamilton Dr., Beverly Hills, California

Image source: bizarrezillow566 shares

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