I Made These Logos Associated With Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, And Whatsapp Outage

A huge outage of Facebook and Instagram on October 4th inspired me to make these funny logos.#1 


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Corgimations2 hours ago

Facebook turned into Tumblr0ReplyView more comments#2 


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Report2pointsMiroslav Vujovic GraforidzaPOSThttps://ebc56cb85e8d1c7f25de3ba9a463da19.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html#5 


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Ryan Deschanel4 hours ago

But how will people spend their time looking at fake proofs that everyone else’s life is better?0Reply

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I’m Miroslav Vujovic aka Graforidza, a designer with an MA degree in architecture. I have won many awards such as Red Dot, A’ Design Award, Graphis, Wolda (twice) etc. Many of my logos have been featured in leading international brand magazines such as Taschen, Logo Lounge (in eight books), Wolda, Taschen, Rockport, Logo Talks, Send Points etc. I have won many logo competitions, both in my country and abroad. I am a Masters swimmer. Read more »

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