Indiana Small Business Connection & Expo -November 2021

With the combined effort of many business owners, Indiana Small Business Expo is a platform for Indiana small business owners as a one stop shop for all your business networking needs. ISBC has a mission to assist small business owners in building lasting business relationships and believes in the participation from other business owners and networking group leaders to be a cheerleader for your business. This supportive platform allows free access to various resources necessary for small business growth without competition barriers.

Last Thursday, November 11th, I had the great opportunity to attend Indiana Small Business Expo at Hyatt Regency located in Downtown Indianapolis. Indiana Small Business Connection is the home of the Indiana Small Business Expo and its mission is to share the rewards of business networking. Commercial & Residential Realtor, Kelly Sparks, is also the CEO of Indiana Small Business Connection as well as the Founder/President of Loyal Connections Business Networking Group., explains on ISBC Website that the group was created 10 years ago and will continue with compassion and servitude in order to bring small business together and to truly support them. Collaboration and sharing information is what helps small business thrive and more importantly survive. The Loyal Connections Business Networking Group will connect entrepreneurs and anyone thinking about becoming a business owner.

Seventeen years ago Kelly took the Real Estate Broker course. Since that time she became a Purdue graduate of Pre-Law /Legal Studies and is advanced in research, legal text and paralegal work. She attended Stetson University of Florida to become an Attorney and an uncensored writer, a bold advocate for others in maltreatment, specifically family law. Kelly has been at the negotiating table with Indiana’s finest / fiercest negotiation attorneys. Her legal career includes work for Christian Legal Clinic, seasoned experience within personal injury, civil matters, probate & estate planning and predominantly real estate transactions. Her years of comprehensive Paralegal skills transferred remarkably well into her Real Estate career. Kelly is a Licensed Realtor that desires to be an advocate for her clients. “I love nothing more than helping my clients reach their dream by way of negotiating over asking price as well as getting down the price for my buyers budget, I’ve always been for the underdog”. Kelly is highly qualified to read Inspection reports, draft contracts and has an eye for each legality & intricate part of buying and selling a property. She protects her client’s best interest.

Kelly loves to love people & has had 25 + years of servitude for people. Kelly & her two sons have volunteered in the homeless & disability ministry to give back humble gratitude as both children have overcome traumatic / life-threatening health issues & as a single mother believe it or not has experienced homelessness. Kelly has been a Foster Parent & gives back to the community with each transaction. Kelly’s client’s become her friends as they trust her credentials & see their requests met with her articulate, no sugar coat approach. Kelly is set apart as a true advocate, not just another Realtor in the masses. Doc Real Estate, Inc. is the agency in which Kelly operates under. “Doc” comes from my highly revered mentor, Joe Bottorff whom started the agency over 30 years ago and is also a retired Minister with a PhD in Theology, hence (Doc). “I’m blessed to be connected with Joe & his Agency that has been trusted for decades in the real estate business & in the community.” Kelly researched carefully & chose Doc Real Estate, Inc. She did not want to become another Realtor to join the ordinary crowd within the larger agencies. At Doc Real Estate, Inc., Kelly continues to receive wise & reliable real estate advice, personal mentorship supports from Joe & his daughter Heather Bottorff. They are beloved people in the industry. Kelly is knowledgeable in: profitable buy and hold rentals & flipping; commercial properties, retail space, residential homes, various property lots, investing in vacation homes for profit and she will teach you to outsmart dorm rents. Kelly is connected with investors U. S. wide & well networked for relocation purchases all over the world.

To learn more about Kelly and have her handle your Real Estate needs, Click Here!

For more information about Indiana Small Business Connection & Expo, Click Here!

Those who bought a ticket to the Indiana Small Business Expo not only just invested in their own business growth, but also invested in the mentorship of young men, which is a non-profit organization called Team Focus. The mission of Team Focus, Inc. is to provide a year-round program of support, encouragement and Godly values that foster the development of life skills in young men (ages 10-18) without a father figure in their lives, bridge the father gap and support the family structure.

To learn more about Team Focus, Click Here!

I, myself, had the pleasure of participating the Indiana Small Business Expo. This opportunity was very helpful to me as I connected with several attendees who were either interested in my products/services or had other connections that they thought would benefit from what I have to offer. I also enjoyed connecting with other business owners and not only learn about their products/services, but also collaborated with them on how we could all help each other to succeed. I shared how and where I find my clients and different ways that social media posts helps me thrive in my business.

Delaram Art & Design Initiated after I resigned from my job working at Facility Concepts, Inc. doing remodels of select fast-food chains such as KFC & Taco Bell. After gaining experience in the design field and realizing that I had the potential and great opportunity to start my own business, I decided to take my thoughts into action and start my own business. In the beginning, I only concentrated on residential and commercial design projects as I had received a degree in Interior Design Technology from IUPUI in 2015. My knowledge about what I had learned in school regarding using softwares such as photoshop, illustrator & InDesign lead me to explore Logo Design as well as Website Design as potential career goals. With my fine art background and having studied and practiced art all my life, I decided to go back to teaching private art lessons to children & adults of all ages. I am so happy with where life has taken me achieving my career goals and using my experiences and expertise to better myself. Please, take the time to check out my social media pages:

Facebook – Delaram Art & Design

Instagram –

Twitter – Delaram Moghaddam

LinkedIn – Delaram Moghaddam

Besides connecting with the attendees and business owners, I had a great opportunity to hear several speakers including Joe Reitz of the Indianapolis Cots. JoeDavid Reitz is a former American football offensive tackle who played seven seasons for the Indianapolis Colts of the National Football League. He was signed by the Baltimore Ravens as an undrafted free agent in 2008. He attended Western Michigan University where he played college basketball and not football. 

Joe’s goal is to work with good people, and help good people achieve their financial goals and dreams. He helps people ensure they have the financial resources to live the life of their dreams, and pass along that wealth to several generations. Joe helps people “Spend Their Life Living” and creates comprehensive financial plans consistent with client’s goals on protecting and preserving their assets. His team offers high quality investment and wealth management programs and services for high net worth clients and/or individuals on that path. 

To read more about what Joe has to offer and his contact info Click Here!

I also had a great pleasure of meeting Darrin Grey, who was the EMC host at the expo. Based upon 25 years of Media, Sports Marketing and All Pro Dad, the national non-profit founded by Tony Dungy, Darrin is recognized as a thought leader and speaker on the topics of the Fatherless Epidemic, Parenting, and Mentor Leadership. Darrin co-authored The Jersey Effect, Beyond the World Championship, with Foreword by Tony Dungy.

Darrin serves professional athletes, coaches & alumni and business leaders who support the worldwide sports ministry with Godly leadership. The platform of sports leadership training provide pathways into boardrooms, classrooms and sports locker rooms across the world. He currently serves on the executive leadership team of Athletes in Action, Lions Lead, and Center for Serving Leadership at the Sagamore Institute ~ an action-oriented Think Tank. You Engage Darrin as a Keynote Speaker or Leadership Advisor to help take your organization to the next level with his 25+ years of executive leadership experience in communications, media, branding, sports philanthropy and non-profit sectors. To learn more about him & his services Click Here!

Another great speaker I had an honor of listening to and learn from was Precious L. Williams, 13-time national elevator pitch champion. She has also been been featured on “Shark Tank,” CNN, WSJ, Forbes Magazine, Black Enterprise Magazine, Essence Magazine, the movie “LEAP.” Her current clients include Microsoft, LinkedIn, Google, eBay, and more! To schedule a session with her and to learn more about her services, Click Here!

Twitter- Delaram Moghaddam

Below are a few image I took at the expo:


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