20 Times This Instagram Page Spotted The Wildest Real Estate Listings On Zillow (New Pics)

If you live in the US or ever wanted to buy or rent a home there, you might have heard about Zillow. It’s probably the most visited real estate website in America. It’s so popular that there is even an Instagram page named ‘Zillow Gone Wild’ dedicated to the best and the weirdest listings that are posted on Zillow.

The Instagram page has around 1.3 million followers who constantly enjoy watching the pictures of amazing houses listed on Zillow. From incredibly beautiful and expensive to downright bizarre, you’ll find all sorts of quirky buildings in the US through this page. Scroll below to check out some of the weirdest and most unique homes found on Zillow. If you wish to see more crazy house listings, check out our previous posts, here and here.

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#1 You Never Really Know What’s Happening In A Home. $550,000

#2 Found Him. $299,000

#3 This One Is Special And A Lil Nsfw. $399,900

#4 I Don’t Know Where Warwickshire Is But Now I Need To Move There And Buy This Asap. The Home Includes Two Cottages. $5.7 Million In USD (£4,000,000)

#5 $750,000

#6 This Is A Lot Of Things. $254,900

#7 Don’t Do This I Can’t Resist Posting. $600,000

Image source: zillowgonewild

#8 Water Tower House For Sale $4,950,000

#9 $149,500. Metairie, LA

#10 Please Don’t Do This To Ur Listings I Can’t Resist!!!! $1,179,000

#11 I’m So Scared. $1,340,000

#12 They Built A House On This Roof In Chicago. $699,000

#13 The Perfect Castle Doesn’t Ex–is A Day Early This Week!! $2,299,000

#14 Today’s #zgwcastlefridays Starts With This One!! $485,000

#15 This Doesn’t Seem Up To Code. $430,000

#16 This Home Really Cares About Baths. $10,000,000

#17 I Honestly Love This So Much. $305,000

#18 Our First Visit To Australia!!! $1,500,000

#19 What’s Happening Here I’m So Scared. $1,650,000

#20 All I Can Say Is Omg. Colorado Springs, Co. $590,000

Image source: zillowgonewild40 shares

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Saumya loves surfing the internet for beautiful, crazy, interesting, and wholesome stuff. She seeks to find something interesting in everything and strives to share her inspirations and explorations with people all over the world.

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