30 Times People’s Renovations Made Their Homes Much Cozier, Shared In This Online Group

In the past couple years, we all spent an unprecedented amount of time in our homes. So no wonder so many people rolled up their sleeves and decided to either fix things that had been bugging them for too long to remember, or just go into full DIY renovation mode. And truth to be told, not everyone seems to have succeeded, as this previous article we published recently suggests.

But this time, we are taking a look at the incredible examples of renovation projects that completely transformed people’s homes. Whether it’s brightening up a blank room by repainting walls, redecorating an entire apartment, remodeling a living room, or creating something entirely new from scratch, like a bookcase that perfectly blends into the wall, there’s no limit to people’s persistence and creativity.

And thanks to this great online group on Reddit that’s devoted to sharing original content of “real people and their real rooms,” we have a lot of wonderful inspiration to scroll through. Upvote your favorite home renewal projects and ideas, and if you’re also working on something like this, be sure to share it in the comment section!#1 

The Before And The After

The Before And The After

The After And Before Of My Teeny Tiny Studio Apartment In NYC

The After And Before Of My Teeny Tiny Studio Apartment In NYC

vannahcat Report


Small Bathroom Remodel. Before&after

Small Bathroom Remodel. Before&after

In order to find out more about common home improvement and renovation mistakes to avoid, Bored Panda reached out to Philippa Mainthe professional realtor from Tampa Bay who went viral for her brilliant and insanely funny listing description about “the worst house on the street” a while back. Philippa happily shared some very useful advice with our readers, so if you have a project on your mind, be sure to see what she had to say.

The realtor explained that there are so many errors people make when doing home renovations, but they can be summed up by the idea that it is more expensive to try to do something cheaply. “Because it will inevitably cost you more in the long run when it has to be redone in order to make it right,” she added.

Before And After Of My Small Apartment Kitchen. I Don’t Miss The Orange! (Louth, Ireland)

Before And After Of My Small Apartment Kitchen. I Don't Miss The Orange! (Louth, Ireland)

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