50 Times People Were So Taken Away By The Beautiful Scenery, They Just Had To Snap A Pic Of It

From looming ancient mountains to lush green valleys and from formidable seas to welcoming rivulets, our planet Earth is truly a breathtaking place. And while it would be beyond thrilling to visit each and every corner of our pristine habitat, taking at least a glimpse into all its bounties, it’s just impossible for most of us. But there’s nothing to be sad about as you can always look at those picturesque places and beautiful sceneries in photos! And while even the most stunning picture won’t substitute the real deal of taking in the beautiful views around you, with just a pinch of imagination, you can almost feel the light ocean breeze and smell fresh pine needles or lilac trees in bloom. And what we are hoping to achieve with this post is to take you on a trip to the most beautiful places on our Earth. Hopefully, it is going to be a dreamy and relaxing experience that’ll give a sense of serenity to the rest of your day. If not that, then you’ll at least get excited to add one of these places to your travel bucket list and will start anxiously planning your next trip to the great outdoors.

All of these beautiful nature photos are taken by regular people just like you and me – there are no photo filters to make these pretty views look even better, it’s all purely as it is in real life. And that, in our opinion, makes these places even more ethereal; just imagine what they would look like if you were there! But, without any further talking, let’s just go to the stunning pictures below. Be sure to upvote the most scenic views and share this article with your friends – nature is inspiring and it might be the thing they need today!#1 

Stuðlagil Canyon, Iceland

Stuðlagil Canyon, Iceland

Les Izmore

Cool. Straight lines make it look carved.26ReplyView More Replies…View more comments

Bored Panda got in touch with Erin Sullivan—travel photographer, outdoorswoman, and the person behind the fun little (literally) project where she recreated stunning natural scenery using household items and miniatures whilst stuck in lockdown, which we covered here—to elaborate on all things beautiful scenery in photography.

“I should preface this by saying I am a huge believer in creative freedom, and that what makes a photo ‘good’ is often subjective, but I do think that the common denominator for a nice landscape image is a compelling composition,” elaborated Sullivan on the main factors in scenery photos.

“Whether you are shooting wide or close up, a straight horizon line, an interesting foreground element and a purposeful background element set the foundation for a beautiful capture.”#2 

A View From The “Backyard” Of My Great Grandparents House In Kenya

My Parent’s Back Porch In Autumn

My Parent’s Back Porch In Autumn

devilsbronco Report

View Outside The Window In Positano, A Hillside Village On The Amalfi Coast, Campania, Italy

View Outside The Window In Positano, A Hillside Village On The Amalfi Coast, Campania, Italy



I don’t know if I would ever be able to go inside if outside looked like that.

The View From My $9 A Night Hostel In The Mountains Of Peru, Featuring A Very Good Boy
Hiked From Mexico To Canada This Year Via The CDT. This Was One Of My Favorite Shots. Big Sandy Lake, Wind River Range, Wyoming, USA

Visited Sørvágsvatn In The Faroe Islands And Proceeded To Have My Socks Knocked Off

A Giraffe

The View From My Mom's Back Porch

Cornwall, England. View From My Window This Morning

Skipped Torres Del Paine In Patagonia And Camped Near Fitz Roy Instead – This Was Our View, And Barely Anyone Else Was In The Campground

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