Artist Overcomes Addiction By Creating Stunning Street Art (20 New Pics)

Jamie Paul Scanlon, better known as JPS, is a British artist based in Germany, who has left his trail of artworks on public buildings and walls all over England and Norway. The street artist is known for his distinctive style and for bringing objects to life.

Jamie was taught to draw by his father, who spent a long time in prison and passed away when he was 18. The artist went on to pursue his passion for arts and after school went to study graphic design in college but wasn’t able to finish the degree as he was no longer able to afford to go to college. Later in life, he worked as a shoe repairer and key cutter.

That’s when things went downhill for Jamie. A series of unfortunate events and the murders of 2 close friends sent him down on a twelve-year path of drug and alcohol abuse. Fortunately, things started looking brighter for Jamie in 2009 when his friend took him to see a Banksy museum show. “I loved the concept of using full-size stencils on walls. It planted the seed to face my addictions and I began self-teaching and hitting walls,” said the artist in an interviewwith Bored Panda. Scroll below to see some of his works. And if you want to see more of his art, check out our previous post here.

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