30 Times Staff Transformed Their Lifeless Office Cubicles Into Something Wonderful

It is always a brilliant idea to make yourself feel comfortable in your office – or else, there is a chance that you might not perform as well as you’d want to. Your working area should indeed act as one of your safe spaces, even if there are times when your bosses make your life a living hell. After all, it’ll be your most visited location, and who wants to feel awkward for the most part of their week? 

Whether you own an entire office or just a cubicle, it’s always exciting to get rid of that dull atmosphere by sticking to a very well-known tradition and putting a picture of your pet or your entire family on the desk. Though this type of practice has become way too ordinary, and some people decide to turn into full-on DIY enthusiasts:

Bored Panda scanned the web and brought together the best-looking and most creative cubicles, additionally focusing on a mind-blowing workspace transformation done by this company’s newbie. The post went viral with over 296K likes and 47K retweets, resulting in more people sharing their own equally impressive desks and offices.


It’s not a secret that working is tough and requires a lot of emotional and physical strength. Despite it being a day-to-day ordinary type of thing that everybody is bound to do sooner or later, society still struggles to accept it. Most likely because the employment world tends to be on more of an unhealthier side where people burn out and simply don’t enjoy doing what, in reality, they actually love.

It’s always an option to brighten up your working hours by decorating your space. Some folks are the queens and the kings of the most outstanding do-it-yourself abilities, and the results are truly breathtaking.#2 


Just think about it, once you get yourself a new apartment or a house – the first thing you do is plan what it’s going to look like. You carefully choose the furniture, what curtains you want to get and whether they’ll match the rest of the decor. You do it to feel comfortable and at home, and since you spend at least 8 hours a day, 5 times a week at your job, it truly becomes a living place, so why not treat it accordingly and lighten up the atmosphere with some bits and pieces?

Bored Panda contacted Lucas Mundt, the true star of all the transformations and asked him a few questions. Lucas revealed that he really loves his company and that the environment there is just outstanding. They work really hard, but he also enjoys working there because the people are great. The reason why he decided to spice up his workspace was because he wanted to do something creative and fun, to essentially make the cubicle feel more comfortable. Mundt also says: “if I was going to do anything, I wanted to do it completely over the top from what most people would do.”#3 


BP also wondered why the man decided to go with a log-cabin theme, to which he replied: “I really love being in the mountains and hiking and rock climbing. So when I thought about ideas for the cubicle, I decided I wanted to bring some of my favorite things there. If I couldn’t be in the mountains, I would always bring the mountains to me.”#4 


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