20 People Online Are Showing Things About Their House That Irritates Them

There is always one thing or the other that keeps bothering you at home. Whether it’s some bad interior design fail or plumbing issues or electrical problems, there is always something that keeps bugging constantly.

If things like these happen at your own home, they could be fixed easily most of the time. But if these issues pop up when you live in rented flats or your parent’s place, you might have to compromise a bit. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t rant about annoying things at your home online. Scroll below to see how some people shared their fury over irritating stuff at their homes.

#1 I’m Doing Renovations And My Roomba Found A Tiny Piece Of Sheetrock

#2 Can You Feel The Heat Of My Fury?

#3 Our Landlord Keeps Saying There’s Nothing Wrong With Our Shower…

#4 I Feel Like This Happens To Me More Often Than It Should

#5 House Sitting For Uncle. Reached The Final Boss Of The Game “Unfamiliar Shower Controls”

#6 Woke Up And Saw My Door Removed By My Parents. I Asked Them “Why?” And The Replied With “Privacy Isn’t Necessary”

#7 You Guys Hate Carpet In The Bathroom? I Can One Up That. My Parents Have A Bathroom With Carpet That Goes Up The Bathtub Walls! Bonus Points For The Terrible Wallpaper

#8 So I Just Bought This Chair And None Of The Reviews Mentioned This…

#9 Sunlight Through The Window Melted My Keyboard

#10 Sitting Under This “Vent” All Summer Wondering Why I Wasn’t Getting Any Cooler…

#11 Turns Out My “Thermostat” Is Actually Just Hanging On A Nail And Doesn’t Control The Temperature Whatsoever. Shout Out To The Best Landlords Ever

#12 The Image Speaks For Itself

#13 My Father Forgot To Tell Me The Renovations Would Be Taking The Stairs Out Today

#14 Found This On Instagram

#15 Somehow, I Managed To Go 5 Blissfully Ignorant Stair-Traversing Years Without Noticing

#16 The Cable Guy Installed The Cable Through Our Hula Hoop That We Left Out

#17 I Think My Stairs Fit Here

#18 To The Guy That Said His House Is Infinite Content For This Sub.. I Call Your Crooked Floor Vent And Raise You 3/4 Of An Electrical Outlet

#19 Why… What’s The Point…

#20 The Sun Has Travelled Roughly 150,000,000 Kilometers To Reflect Off A Car Windshield Through A Small Crack In My Blinds To Shine Directly In My Face

Saumya Ratan 

Saumya loves to explore beautiful, crazy, and wholesome stuff. She seeks to find something interesting in everything and strives to share her inspirations and explorations with people all over the world.

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