30 Times People Were Shocked At How Bad New York Apartments Are And Posted These Pics As Proof

When you think of New York City, what comes to your mind? The outsiders usually say that it’s full of diversity, innovation, and culture. But anyone who’s ever lived in NYC knows life there isn’t as glamorous as it looks. After all, when you have 8M people staying in one place, things are bound to get chaotic.

The rental property market in the City is quite intense — the average price for a studio apartment there is $2,830. This is a 32 percent increase compared to last year. While some flats tend to be in perfect shape, others come with frustrating design flaws, missing bathrooms, or showers in the kitchen.

New Yorkers who experienced the “pleasure” of seeing such mishaps decided to snap a photo and share it with the internet. So get ready to appreciate your current living situation and take a look at some absurd and unexpected things people came across while apartment hunting. Continue scrolling, upvote the ones that baffled you the most, and make sure to share your thoughts in the comments below!#1 


To learn more about the housing market in NYC, we managed to get in touch with Kirsten Jordan, real estate advisor with Douglas Elliman and founder of the Kirsten Jordan Team. She told Bored Panda that the situation could be described in two words: high demand. “Apartments are selling and renting faster than ever before because there aren’t enough of them and because everyone wants to be back in New York,” she said. 

We also reached out to Adrian Savino, director of leasing at Living New York, who pointed out that “inventory is lower than it has been in past years as COVID-19 rents and deals were picked off by renters. Supply chains/labor markets were disrupted so delivery of the new product was delayed. Because of that, prices are being driven up.” 

Due to the rising rent, people often have to opt for low-quality apartments. “Most renters are confined by certain parameters, whether it’s compromising on space for price and location or quality of building and amenities,” Savino explained that most individuals have to make a sacrifice in some way. #3 

66 Sq Ft Apartment In NYC

“The popularity of the City and high demand for housing, coupled with the fact that Manhattan is an island and has a limited amount of inventory, leads to a higher price per square foot than many other cities,” Brian P. Hourigan, managing director at Bond New York, told us. “Even during the last few years, when COVID-19 initially caused many to leave the City for more affordable and less populated places, a surge of returning and new New Yorkers has caused the market to [become] as strong as what it was pre-pandemic.” 

New York is notorious for its tiny flats. “Your average city apartment is obviously going to be smaller than your average single-family home,” Jordan said. “That’s just the nature of city-living anywhere in the world. You trade square-footage for the ease and excitement of living in the center of everything – with the best restaurants, shopping, museums, parks, theaters, and entertainment all right outside your front door.” #5 


An average NYC apartment has 733 square feet compared to the national average of 882 square feet, Savino added. However, while many people believe that The Big Apple has far smaller apartments than in the rest of the US, Seattle rentals (with an average size of 711 square feet) offer less space than a regular Manhattan unit. #7 


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