Architects Create Unique Façade From Colorful Recycled Barrel Lids

Mindelo, the largest town on the island of São Vicente, houses the “Centro Nacional de Artesanato e Design “(National Centre for Art, Crafts, and Design) museum. The building is adorned by a unique rainbow façade on its three sides. Designed by Ramos Castellano Arquitectos, the vibrant outer structure is created by using recycled colorful barrel lids.

The unique mosaic-like appearance is definitely something that’s usually not seen in traditional architecture. The architects, Eloisa Ramos and Moreno Castellano, emphasize that the inspiration was the people of the city. In a statement to DeMilked, they said, “For the CNAD project we have taken inspiration from the people that live in the city of Mindelo, from the Cabo Verdian manner to find solution to difficult problems, and from Chirsto and Jeanne Claude barrel sculptures.”

The architects further added, “We are constantly in the search of harmony. The same joy that people receive through the building that we imagine, came back to us in multiple ways.”

“For us the CNAD in Mindelo, Cabo Verde, Africa, is an architectural scream. One of ours aim in Cabo Verde, is to decolonize architecture from the western paradigma, and show people that there are not third world countries in architecture, from this point, since architecture is made by human being,  we can also say that not exist third class human beings, there is only one single humanity, and all the colors can live in harmony,” the architects explained.

The functional lids can be angled like blinds which help to maintain the internal temperature of the place. They also elaborated, “The use of recycled barrel lids with a different purpose also symbolizes the fact that an object can have multiple use and multiple lives, this only depends on the mental flexibility of the observer. In our project, we try to use materia (matter) to change consciences.”

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