22 Times Architects Outdid Themselves And Deserved To Be Recognised On This Instagram Page

Designing a structure that is practical and visually appealing takes a lot of creativity and skill. Unfortunately, not everyone has the talent to make that happen, so when we see someone rising to the challenge successfully we can certainly appreciate it. 

The “Architecture Hunter” digital content platform, is focused on finding these impressive design creations that are absolutely awe-inspiring and celebrating the amazing architectural skill that has gone into the finished structure. The content they share aims to uphold their mission statement, “Inspire, inform and entertain.” So scroll below to check out a few of the most exceptionally mind-blowing designs found in their galleries which exceed expectations. 

Project: Reconstruction of harbor bath Knubben
Architecture: Snøhetta
Visualization: Aesthetica Studio
Location: Arendal, Norway.

“Originally designed by architect Ketil Ugland, the facility was used by Arendal Swimming Club for diving competitions, swimming training and other aquatic activities. In 1947, the harbor bath closed its doors before being taken back into use during the 1960s, this time as a jazz club. With its slender and clean lines, Knubben was a small yet elegant example of the modernist spirit. After substantial decay however, the diving platform was demolished by the Norwegian Armed Forces in the 1980s. In 2018, Snøhetta was commissioned to revitalize the facility with a feasibility study. The new Knubben is a man-made structure with architecture that draws inspiration from the shapes we find in the islets and skerries along the Norwegian coast. It will resemble a block of stone shaped during the Last Glacial Period, characterized by abraded shapes where soft concave and convex walls form cavities in the landscape. To represent the terrain as accurately as possible, the construction will consist of horizontal layers following the contour lines of a map” say the architects.

Man-shaped, inspired by nature. This is Blue Heaven Empreendimentos new development, The Infinitá Treehouse, designed by the renowned French Brazilian architectural firm, TRIPTYQUE ARCHITECTURE.

The building is located in the southern coast of Brazil, in Itajaí beach.

3D animation: Improov l Diogo Poffo-Desenho sonhos

This incredible house, with a great cantilever, was designed by Alessandro Giraldi & Marcelo Moura.

Lonely House, designed and visualized by THE LINE.

This texture on the walls went really well with the project’s context. The rounded contemplation space, right below the skylight and right aside the pool makes this space so peaceful!

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