This Sculptor Duo Is Creating Stunning Bronze Sculptures Of Humans In Motion (12 Pics)

Coderch & Malavia is an artist duo consisting of sculptors Joan Coderch and Javier Malavia. The two create stunning bronze statues of humans in motion, and the level of detail will take your breath away.

The two artists first met when they were both working at Porcelanas Lladró. They quickly established a strong friendship and started Coderch & Malavia back in 2015. Both Coderch and Malavia have been interested in art since a young age and say that they chose sculpture because it is the best way to represent the three-dimensional human form.

More info: Coderch&Malavia | Facebook | Instagram

Clio’s Dream

Image source: Coderch&Malavia

Image source: Coderch&Malavia

The artists say that making the decision to start their project together was one of the most difficult and exciting moments in their careers. “Before that we where doing things we liked, but that somehow did not fulfilled us because they where commissions,” say the artists. “That vertigo produced by the unknown, the transition from a comfortable situation to a very different one. . . It felt like jumping down to emptiness!” However, they started the project without hesitation, and say that they’re currently living the best stage of their lives at a professional level.


Image source: Coderch&Malavia

Image source: Coderch&Malavia

Coderch and Malavia say they are mostly inspired by literature, poetry, theater, photography, and ballet.

See more of the duo’s breathtaking sculptures in the gallery below!

Moonlight Shadow

Image source: Coderch&Malavia

My Life Is My Message

Image source: Coderch&Malavia

Hamlet “The Doubt”

Image source: Coderch&Malavia

Image source: Coderch&Malavia


Walking In Beauty

Image source: Coderch&Malavia

Swan Dance

Image source: Coderch&Malavia

Image source: Coderch&Malavia788 shares

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