161 People Who Infused Themselves With Nordic Energy By Getting Viking Tattoos

With shows like Vikings and The Last Kingdom, Viking culture and Norse mythology are on the rise again. They were fierce, great sailors, and had excellent hygiene, so I get where the fascination comes from.

An excellent example of just how widely these Scandinavians are beloved is the tattoo industry. Nowadays, people ink all parts of their bodies with Viking weapons, boats, and even their gods.

Bored Panda collected a list of these designs to give you an idea of how these designs look. Who knows, maybe you too are thinking of getting one. And if not, at least you can admire their dope looks!#1 

Viking Skull

oldvisiontattoo Report25points  POST#2 

Sinking Viking Axe

manuelitas10 Report22points  POST

Juan Alcorta  29 minutes ago

This is sexyreply#3 

Huginn And Muninn - Ravens From Norse Mythology

dmitriy.tkach Report21points  POST

Lydia Shen  2 hours ago

This! This is coolreply#4 

Freehand Vegvisir And Aegishjalmur With Bind Runes

juliedocteur Report20points  POST

Anita Marx  6 hours ago

I’d love to see the other side of the arms.reply#5 

Work In Progress

sacred_knot_tattoo Report20points  POST

Juan Alcorta  29 minutes ago

Looks painful!reply#6 

Viking Tattoo

samculbertson Report20points  POST#7 

Skull Of Deer I Did Shortly Before Leaving Denmark

blackhandnomad Report19points  POST

Janiee Bug  6 hours ago

This is 3 reply#8 

Viking Tattoo

shelokovdim Report19points  POST

Grace Marraffa  40 minutes ago

I wonder how many sessions this tookreplyhttps://69adbcdb68fb9df3689da6f12426b431.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.html#9 

Today I Had The Opportunity To Tattoo Ragnar

gusttavo_duartte_ Report18points  POST#10 

Odin Tattoo

angelcuervito Report18points  POST#11 

Fun Cover-Up From Earlier In The Year

blackhandnomad Report17points  POST

samuel reinhart krisna  6 hours ago

Is this a chest or a back?replyView More Replies…View more comments#12 

Nordic Woman

pagan_tats Report17points  POST

Lydia Shen  2 hours ago (edited)

Cooooooooool 🙂 The color is nice not a lot of these have colorsreply#13 

Viking Compass Tattoo

tatutomrock Report17points  POST

jasper  50 minutes ago

Nicely done!reply#14 

Viking Tattoo

rogertattoo1 Report15points  POST

Anita Marx  6 hours ago


Norse God Tyr In All His War Finery Sacrificing His Sword Hand To The Great Wolf Fenrir, Son Of Loki

sacred_knot_tattoo Report15points  POST

DKS 001  3 hours ago

Tyr! Love itreply#16 

Vikingo Tattoo

javier_ink98 Report15points  POST#17 

Northern Spirit. As A Friend Said, I Will Not Explain The Meaning Of The Runes. I Think Too That It’s Personal

lahhel Report14points  POST#18 

Mysterious Valkyrie

lina.tattoo.art Report14points  POST

Anita Marx  6 hours ago

Excellent work! Who’s the artist and how long did it take?reply#19 

Viking Tattoo

reh.tattoo Report13points  POST

MERCI LANGSTON  2 hours ago

the eyes are so awesome!!reply#20 

That Berserker's Look You Respect

jacknight_ Report13points  POST#21 

Viking Tattoo

sacred_knot_tattoo Report13points  POST#22 

Viking Tattoo

renatovision Report13points  POST#23 

So Close On This Nordic Piece Now

markgraytattoos Report13points  POST#24 

Viking Tattoo

dcondevillar Report11points  POST#25 

Urnes Styled Thigh-Piece For A Spanish Viking

blackhandnomad Report11points  POST#26 

Norse Inspired White Ink Shield

juliedocteur Report11points  POST

Sonja  3 hours ago

scarification terrifies me…reply#27 

Heavily Inspired By The Prow Of The Oseberg Ship, This Beast Head Differs From The Original

sacred_knot_tattoo Report11points  POST#28 

Viking Tattoo

piotrszencel Report11points  POST#29 

Viking Tattoo

sagan989 Report11points  POST#30 

This Is The Mantle Of Gangrad, On The Odin-Like Anthony, A Most Wonderful Client Of Mine From The Us

blackhandnomad Report11points  POST#31 

Handpoke Viking Tattoo

paulacruztattooart Report11points  POST

jasper  49 minutes ago


Brutal Thor

void.lamachineinfernale Report11points  POST

Hodor! Hodor?  6 hours ago

This comment is hidden. Click here to view.View more comments#33 

Norse Sleeve In Progress. Very Exciting To Work On This Big Project On My Friend Adam

vik__ink Report10points  POST#34 

Viking Tattoo

blackmetaldivina Report10points  POST#35 

Cute Little Viking

sacred_knot_tattoo Report10points  POST

jasper  48 minutes ago

cute 🙂reply#36 

Lagertha's Shield

tripleochotattoo Report10points  POST#37 

It Has Been A Pleasure To Tattoo This Illustration

ladyb.ink Report10points  POST#38 


grazianocasarin Report10points  POST#39 

Viking Tattoo

gmuglia.tattoo Report10points  POST#40 

Big Viking Piece

tattoos_by_thor Report10points  POST#41 

Finished Ragnarök Sleeve

shogantattoo Report10points  POST#42 

Vegvísir And Some Black Metal Freehand Jammers For My Warrior Babe

hypnatic Report10points  POST

Anita Marx  5 hours ago

Tricky! I love this.reply#43 


muriloulian Report10points  POST#44 

Viking Style Tattoo

michal_hladik_art Report10points  POST

jasper  47 minutes ago

Very nice work! One of my faves 🙂reply#45 

Viking Ship

bjartefrabergen Report9points  POST#46 

Viking Skull Tattoo

lav_mi_tattoo Report9points  POST#47 

Viking Tattoo

sacred_knot_tattoo Report9points  POST#48 

Detailed Viking Tattoo

sacred_knot_tattoo Report9points  POST#49 

Viking Tattoo

flavia.gb Report9points  POST#50 

Absolute Artwork

nordictattoo Report9points  POST#51 

Viking Tattoo

alexandergusev91 Report9points  POST#52 

Viking Tattoo

konrad_jaworsky Report9points  POST#53 

Minimalist Viking Tattoo

baroness_tattoo Report9points  POST

Nope Nope  5 hours ago

simple and beautifulreply#54 

Wolf Viking Tattoo

pepin_mitre_tattoo Report9points  POST

~*Zodiac lover~*  1 minute ago

I would get this one if I wanted a tattooreply#55 

Viking Tattoo

tattoo.lifetattoo Report9points  POST#56 


haniatattooist_ Report9points  POST

jasper  47 minutes ago


Henrique's Odin. Thank You Very Much For This One

pablotattoox Report9points  POST#58 

Thor’s Mjolnir

muriloulian Report9points  POST#59 

Started Making This Nautical/Norse Piece Into A Half Sleeve Today

paintdippedpixie Report8points  POST#60 

Viking Tattoo

denis_tattoo_art Report8points  POST#61 

Viking Tattoo

chezblaqk Report8points  POST#62 

Viking Tattoo

caiocarvalhotattoo Report8points  POST#63 

Nordic Tattoo

blackhandnomad Report8points  POST#64 

"The Sacrifice". Fenris Biting Down In Anger Of Being Tricked Into Chains, Thereby Severing Tyr's Hand, Marking Him For Ragnarok

blackhandnomad Report8points  POST#65 

Freehand Viking Tattoo

nordictattoo Report8points  POST#66 

Odin Tattoo

art.frus_tattoo Report8points  POST#67 

Thor's Hammer

stipplebeast Report8points  POST

ComfyPanda  6 hours ago


Detailed Viking Tattoo

tattoosbysophollie Report8points  POST#69 

Viking Tattoo

shikarevakri Report8points  POST#70 

Leo's Viking

pablotattoox Report8points  POST#71 

Ornamental Nordic

romainbonniez Report8points  POST#72 

Nick’s Land Waster. The Raven Appears To Have Been Revered In Many Ancient Cultures, And Germanic Cultures Where No Exception

sacred_knot_tattoo Report8points  POST#73 

Viking Style Tattoo

michal_hladik_art Report8points  POST#74 

Added One Of The Ravens To This Healed Odin Piece

blutjugend Report8points  POST#75 

Viking Tattoo

void.lamachineinfernale Report8points  POST#76 

Viking Style Bracelets

bellatinta_tattoostudio Report7points  POST#77 

Colorful Viking Tattoo

liber.hatred Report7points  POST#78 

Nordic Style Inspired

uchronia_tattoo_morgane Report7points  POST#79 

"The Fall Of Mankind", On Our Friend Aske

blackhandnomad Report7points  POST#80 

Vegvísir With Each Other’s Initials

habbanerotattoo Report7points  POST#81 

Added A Hulinhjálmur Stave To Fanney's Huginn And Muninn

habbanerotattoo Report7points  POST#82 

Son Of Odin

elisalbertin Report7points  POST

ADHORTATOR  5 hours ago

Son of Odin..?replyView More Replies…View more comments#83 

Viking Tattoo

tattoo_labella Report7points  POST#84 

Viking Axes

brynjarb_tattoo Report7points  POST#85 


abdon_mancebo Report7points  POST#86 

Viking Torso

383tattoogc Report7points  POST#87 

Berserker Piece. Some Fresh, Some Healed

markgraytattoos Report7points  POST#88 

Sneak Peak At This Nordic Sleeve. In The Making

blackhandnomad Report7points  POST#89 


romainbonniez Report7points  POST#90 

Collaboration Viking Tattoo

paulacruztattooart Report7points  POST#91 


paulacruztattooart Report7points  POST#92 


neonila_r Report7points  POST#93 

Viking Tattoo

shelokovdim Report7points  POST#94 

Viking Style Tattoo

michal_hladik_art Report7points  POST#95 

The Horn Triskelion Symbol: The Story About When Odin Obtained The Mead Of Poetry. He Drank It From The Three Horns Named Óðrœrir, Boðn, And Són. It Is Said That Whoever Drinks It Becomes A Skald Or A Scholar

vik__ink Report7points  POST#96 

Viking Tattoo

kimestaniltattoo Report6points  POST#97 

Mjolnir And Primera Sesion

alexbrimeztattoo Report6points  POST#98 

Viking Tattoo

khatohg Report6points  POST#99 

Viking Tattoo

jayatattoo Report6points  POST#100 

Viking Inspired Back Tattoo

halfdan_owt Report6points  POST#101 

Vegvisir, Rune And Drakkar Heads

juliedocteur Report6points  POST#102 

Viking Tattoo

vasily_koryakink Report6points  POST#103 

Viking Tattoo

sacred_knot_tattoo Report6points  POST#104 

Work In Progress

sacred_knot_tattoo Report6points  POST#105 

Viking Sleeve I Was Working On

christian.berndt.tattoo Report6points  POST#106 

Odin In Progress

max_titanic Report6points  POST#107 

Today's Tattoo

emanuelpolotattoo Report6points  POST#108 

Viking Tattoo

medusamonroe Report6points  POST#109 

Second Tattoo For Marina

neonila_r Report6points  POST#110 

Viking Tattoo

fabian_tillmanns_tatooine Report6points  POST#111 

Viking Tattoos

molibermejo Report6points  POST#112 

Viking Tattoos

konrad_jaworsky Report6points  POST#113 

Viking Mythological Wolf Skoll Catching Up With The Sun, A Part Of Ragnarok Story

zele.tattoo.piercing Report6points  POST#114 

Viking Tattoo

poriyatattoos Report6points  POST#115 

Very Excited To Have Another Addition To My Norse Collection

somguitar Report6points  POST#116 


marcocanelas_tattooartist Report6points  POST#117 

Ravens And Protective Runes Done Recently

uffeberenth Report6points  POST#118 

Viking Axe Tattoo

ramaviva.art Report6points  POST#119 

Viking Skeleton

sur_maquinas_de_tatuar Report6points  POST#120 


killstattoostudio Report6points  POST#121 

Bear Fight Viking Style

zele.tetoviranje Report6points  POST#122 


sancudo Report6points  POST#123 

Viking Tattoo

gabossianna Report6points  POST#124 

Viking Tattoo

martahdezh Report6points  POST#125 

Viking Tattoo

labarberiast Report6points  POST#126 

Mjolnir God Mask Combo From This Morning

shogantattoo Report6points  POST#127 

The Back

blackhandnomad Report6points  POST#128 

A Red And Black Nordic Armour In Progress

blackhandnomad Report6points  POST#129 

I Really Enjoy Doing Colorful Projects With Interesting Ideas And Nordic Vibes

trn_tattoo Report6points  POST#130 

To Valhalla, File By Hand, Hello Odin, Father Of All The Fallen

trn_tattoo Report6points  POST#131 

Viking Tattoo

trn_tattoo Report6points  POST#132 

Sköll & Hate. The Two Wolves Chasing The Sun And Moon

vik__ink Report6points  POST#133 

Vision Of Freyja

void.lamachineinfernale Report6points  POST#134 

Vikings Tattoo

rayassouza Report5points  POST

brukernavn340  1 hour ago

The Vikings didn’t really look like that though.reply#135 

Viking Tattoo

whitefoxtattoo Report5points  POST#136 

After Long Sessions, It Is Finally Finished

simasbalciunas Report5points  POST#137 

Fresh Viking Tattoo

randezvelasco Report5points  POST#138 

Viking Tattoo

tokarev_igor_tattoo Report5points  POST

Marcellus the Third  4 hours ago

Yeah this one screams a bit too openly “White pride”. Obviously many of those in this topic are flirting with racist ideology, but the Odal rune (“property”) is just exclusively used by neonazis (e.g. see “modern use” section of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Odal_(rune) ).-1 reply#139 

Ragnar Tattoo

phablotattoo Report5points  POST#140 

The Real Viking

_webers Report5points  POST#141 

Viking Ancestor

subson_ink_tattoo Report5points  POST#142 

Viking Tattoo

vitorcraes Report5points  POST#143 

Viking Tattoo

vtattoozero Report5points  POST#144 

Viking Tattoo

marvoy_tattoo Report5points  POST#145 

Vikings Full Sleeve In Progress

rafa_cesar_ta2 Report5points  POST#146 

Viking Tattoo

vika_nk93 Report5points  POST#147 

Viking Tattoo

martahdezh Report5points  POST#148 

Runic Compass - Vegvísir

bloodflowertattoo Report5points  POST#149 

Viking Tattoo

assisfxavier Report5points  POST#150 

Viking Tattoo

schotteibb Report5points  POST#151 

This Back Piece Is Complete After Almost Three Years

sacred_knot_tattoo Report5points  POST#152 

Viking Tattoo

alexneropecetattoo Report5points  POST#153 

Did This Viking Yesterday

drawn_sd Report5points  POST#154 

Viking Tattoo

paultoadere Report5points  POST#155 

Heimdallr God Mask From This Morning

shogantattoo Report5points  POST#156 

Big Ole Medieval Sword

shogantattoo Report5points  POST#157 

"The Sacrifice". Fenris Biting Down In Anger Of Being Tricked Into Chains, Thereby Severing Tyr's Hand, Marking Him For Ragnarok

blackhandnomad Report5points  POST#158 

“When I’m Completely Exhausted, I Will Cling To You, My Yggdrassil!”

trn_tattoo Report5points  POST#159 

Viking Tattoo

trn_tattoo Report5points  POST#160 

In Norse Myth, The Goddess Hel Resides Over Helheim, The Realm That Bears Her Name. She’s The Keeper Of The Dead, And Attitudes Towards Her Are Conflicting

sacred_knot_tattoo Report5points  POST#161 

Viking Tattoo

vik__ink Report5points  POST

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