Controlled Burn – My Fire Object For Closed Structures

What: Fire is both the means and the product of this project. The burning within the ceramic-ware, designed together by the fire and the artist, embodies both control and freedom. Under constant supervision, fire is set in the ceramic ware while people gaze, relax and talk deep into the night.

Why: Mastering of fire enabled prehistoric man to survive and improve his living conditions. It is around the fireplace that people were gathering and relationships and societies formed. This intimacy is especially needed now in the period of social distancing forced in the epidemic times.

How: Clay was pressed in wooden molds and entrusted to the bonfire to burn and caress as it pleases. The matrix burns around the ceramic tool homogeneously and disappears toward the end of the process. Every such fireborn ceramic tool is unique, just as the experience of the bonfire.

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