‘Bib’ Turns Funny Animal Pics Into Adorable Drawings And Here’re 30 Of Their Cutest Works

A Filipino artist who goes online by the name of Bib really adores animals. In fact, Bib loves them so much, she even has a series where she honors the critters she “meets” on the Internet.

Whether it’s a derpy cat trying to fit in a box, or a stubborn doggo refusing to continue walking, Bib redraws them in her playful style that only accentuates their quirky personalities. I don’t know how she does it, but sometimes her illustrations come out even cuter than the original pictures.

When she posts her work, Bib also includes the original image that inspired her so you always get to meet the animals too!

More info: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter#1 

Cute Illustrations

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These pictures are a pretty good representation of what Bib normally does. “I mainly focus on cutesy pet illustrations and silly meme redraws,” she told Bored Panda.

“I started doing meme redraws as a little practice exercise since I do pet illustrations for a living.”#2 

Cute Illustrations

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Cute Illustrations

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Toko Danganronpa15 hours ago

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Cute Illustrations

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